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improve your skills.

Increase your confidence.

About PT Hockey

With over 10 years of International coaching experience, working with Olympic, National, and Professional-level athletes from Canada, the U.S., and Italy, PT Hockey has what it takes to bring your game to the next level.

We strive to support athletes of all levels and abilities in the pursuit of their goals, with a focus on skill development, hockey IQ, and player confidence.

meet The Coach


Philippe Trahan

Philippe's playing career spanned the OCAA, Switzerland, USport and the North American Hockey League. Currently, he is the Head Coach of the André-Laurendeau Women's Boomerang, Assistant Coach for the University of Montreal Carabins, and Skills Coach for Montreal's Team Canada and PWHPA Women's Players.

Learn more about Philippe's coaching credentials and highlights:

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If you want to be the best version of yourself, I strongly recommend working with Phil. He has the uncanny ability to earn the trust of his athletes in a structured, non-judgmental manner which allows his players to flourish as the seasons progress. Thanks to his dedication, his motivating teaching methods, his determination, and his constant desire to make the athletes around him better, Phil has taken our team to the next level.

Catherine Dubois

Captain Carabins Université de Montréal / team Canada

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